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We made to help learners anywhere around the world to learn Chinese through simple bite-size yet effective lessons from our experience in teaching Chinese.  With the demand to learn Chinese, we want to build a place where we can support you in your journey of learning Chinese

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We want to make our lessons accessible to everybody that wants to learn.  We want you as the learner to feel free to study anytime, anywhere without any restrictions.  We will do our best within our given resources to bring you materials to help you study Chinese.  There will be no membership fees, no monthly or yearly fees to access our lesson materials.  But we do need your support to help us in any way you can.

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Method 5: Learn Chinese through our Affiliate Program

The best subscription based Chinese learning platform out there. A lot of materials there, perfect for the serious learner hungry to learn more. They have 60-day refund no hassles guarantee. We highly encourage trying them.
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Support Method 6: Buy Pleco Dictionary

If you don’t have a Chinese dictionary and you are a serious student trying to learn Chinese, this dictionary is a must.  All my students love using this dictionary to aid in their vocabulary learning. Try it out!