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You somehow were able to stumble into our Chinese learning website and thank you for giving us a try. Our learning philosophy is to let the language learner to study at his/her own pace through listening, reading and repetition.  With enough exposure you will gain confidence to learn more on your own and immerse yourself in Chinese.

This Site Was Made to Help You Learn Chinese

We are building a website where one can start building blocks into learning Chinese.  The  Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world and we want to make it feasible for anyone wanting to learn.  We are in the process of creating a comprehensive Chinese learning site so that a beginner or even a veteran in Chinese can come and learn to the next level.

How to Start Learning Chinese

babyIf you are just starting to learn Chinese, you can start taking your baby steps by listening to  Level 1 Lesson 1 and learn greetings and some words.  You will start to love learning Chinese because you will find that you will start to feel more comfortable with the language.  We recommend that you learn pinyin which is the romanized spelling for reading Chinese in Level 0 because once you can read the romanized spelling you will be able to look up any Chinese character and learn to read it.




Those with some Chinese foundations

If you think you’re good with the basics and want to jump right into real dialogue and more complex sentences than just the basics, we recommend you start with Level 2 Lesson 1. In Level 2 we try to build on the basics of Level 1 allowing you to form your own language.

Lesson Resources


You may think that learning the language by just listening to podcasts can be  overwhelming so we recommend that you look at the PDF that is made available on the Notes tab with each lesson.



vocab_sampleWe want you to have as much practice as you can get, so look at the words and sentences individually.  Here we line-by-line recordings so you can carefully listen and practice saying them out loud.


Familiarize with how each character is made by looking at the stroke order.  This will help you see each character’s detail and the different parts of the character.  Just highlight the character(s) and paste it in the small box bellow the grid and press enter.





We provided a white board bellow the stroke drawing utility so that you would try to copy the stroke order.  This will reinforce familiarity with the characters you come across.  Feel free to doodle also.





Flashcards are a great way to test yourself.  With each lesson there will be a review tab in which the lesson’s vocab and sentences will be placed in each flashcard.  Be sure to review as much as you can the flashcard tool.





Build the building blocks for good writing or exercise what you learned.


Everything Points to Learning Chinese

Aside from our lessons we will be producing additional content to help you learn more Chinese because we know you just love learning Chinese.

If you’re interested in more Chinese aside from our lessons check out the “extra” tab where we will post extra material for you to learn at your own pace.

Learn Chinese on Itunes or listen on Stitcher

If you are on the go, learn Chinese through our podcast.  All Chinese lessons will be published in Itunes. So subscribe to our chinese itunes podcast and if you like please leave a review to support the show.

We know that you will love learning Chinese.  Feel free to give us any feedback by posting a comment or emailing us at