We love learning Chinese, we love teaching Chinese, and we specially love teaching those who love learning Chinese. Our team is small but we have a big heart to share Chinese to all who want to learn.


Meet the ilovelearningchinese.com Team!


 Ashley He

Ashley is the host of ilovelearningchinese.com podcast.  She was born and raised in Xinjiang, Urumqi and went to Fudan University in Shanghai for university studies.  After working for a few years she went to USA for her Master’s in East Asia Studies at UCLA.  She’s been teaching Chinese for years to students of all ages.



 Zhonglin Hehzl

Zhonglin was raised in Xinjiang, Urumqi, where he worked an an engineer till he retired.  Since then he has  been teaching and helping the community.  He loves to exercise, especially play table tennis.


  • Caleb Millen

    Dear Ashley, I have recently come across your podcast and I am so happy to have found them as I really enjoy your style of teaching. It’s very suitable for the stage that I’m at and what I want to listen to. I love the dialogs between you and your Dad. Have you got a story for how you got onto doing teaching like this, online, with your Dad? Also, have you made it to New Zealand yet? Did your Dad actually come to NZ? I live in Auckland so I know why you’d want to come.

    • Hi, Caleb, I’m glad to hear the podcast is helpful. My dad travels back and forth so right now I’m doing the podcast myself. NZ is definitely one of our dream destinations to visit but we have not made it to it yet. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and your Chinese learning!

      • Caleb Millen

        I’m loving the podcast more and more. Two things in particular make me smile, first is when I hear the dialogues for the first time and pretty much understand all of it, the second is when you and your day make jokes etc. Thanks for making the experience of studying another language a wonderful one.

        • Thank you for encouraging us! 谢谢你的鼓励!

  • Kathrin Haarstick

    Dear Ashley,

    I have been following your lessons almost daily for quite some time now, and I LOVE THEM!!!

    In the meantime, I have passed three HSK exams, speaking, HSK 2 and KSK 3. Thank you and your father for all your help.

    I am know aiming at HSK 4 and will use your lessons heavily.

    I consider the jump from level 2 to level 3 hard, though. I just have to listen to the same level more often, but it is harder, indeed.

    Thank you for everything!!!

    • Hi Kathrin, congratulations on passing HSK exams bc I know they are not easy. Thanks for your feedback about the jump from level 2 to level 3 and we are trying to make it smoother. I’m looking forward to your good news of HSK4!