Welcome to the first lesson at ilovelearningchinese.com!  Chinese can become very overwhelming at first, but very rewarding language to learn.  We want to help you take steps into learning Chinese Mandarin.  So if you love learning Chinese then you have come to right place.  In this lesson we begin by learning the basics.

Thank you for studying Chinese with us!

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Key Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 1

hǎo good; well
你好 nǐhǎo  hello, hi
谢谢 xièxiè  thanks, thank you
再见 zàijiàn  see you, good bye

Supplementary Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 1

zài again
jiàn to see
chī to eat
kàn to look
纽约 nǐuyuē New York
北京 běijīng Beijing

Flashcards for your review

In the comments bellow practice making a sentence or two in Chinese using any of the following:

1. Try using any of the verbs or nouns we learned to make a sentence.

2. Use any grammar points in this lesson to make sentences.

Animated Stroke Order Just highlight and copy the character, paste in the small box bellow and press enter to see the stroke order. Use the whiteboard to better familiarize with Chinese characters.