After listening to this lesson you will be able to tell people your name appropriately when you introduce yourself using 我叫。。。  You will also learn to to apologize and accept apology with 对不起 (duìbuqǐ) and 没关系 (méiguānxi).  And as a bonus we threw in 什么 (shénme) = What? Say what?

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Key Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 2

jiào  to be called, to shout
关系 guānxi to have to do with, connection
没关系 méiguānxi  nevermind, no connection with
对不起 duìbuqǐ  I’m sorry, I apologize…, excuse me…
什么 shénme  what?

Supplementary Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 2

méi have not, not
高兴 gāoxìng happy glad
nín you (formal)
名字 míngzi name
爸爸 bàba dad
妈妈 māma mom

Example dialogue to practice

A: 你好,我叫Jason。

B: 我叫, Ashley. 对不起。你叫什么?

A: 没关系,我叫Jason。

你好,我叫Jason。 nǐhǎo , wǒjiào Jason Hello, I’m called Jason (my name is Jason)
我叫, Ashley. 对不起。你叫什么? wǒ jiào, Ashley,  duìbuqǐ  nǐjiào shénme? I’m Ashley, I apologize, what is your name?  
没关系,我叫Jason。 méi guān xi, wǒ jiào Jason It’s alright, I’m Jason  

Flashcards for your review

In the comment box bellow practice making a Chinese sentence or two by answering the following:

1. Make a sentence with one or all of the grammar points in this lesson(我叫…)

Animated Stroke Order Just highlight and copy the character, paste in the small box bellow and press enter to see the stroke order. Use the whiteboard to better familiarize with Chinese characters.