After listening to this lesson you will will love learning Chinese more because you will have learned how to use 是(shì) and how to ask questions using 吗. You will also learn how to turn around questions using 你呢?and express if you like or dislike something.  We hope you enjoy this lesson!

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Key Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 3

shì  to be
喜欢 xǐhuan to like
ne What about …?
question particicle
cài cuisine, dish
三明治 sānmíngzhì sandwich  
批萨 pǐsà Pizza  

Supplementary Vocabulary for Level 1 Lesson 3

美国人 měiguórén American
日本人 rìběnrén Japanese
不喜欢 bùxǐhuan dislike
中国 zhōngguó China
波士顿 bōshìdùn Boston
美国 měiguó USA

Example dialogue to practice

A:你是 Jason 吗?

B:我不是 Jason.我是 Yamasaki. 我是日本人。你呢?

A: 我不是日本人,我是中国人.我喜欢日本菜。你呢?

B: 我喜欢中国菜

A: 我喜欢纽约。你呢?

B: 我不喜欢纽约。我喜欢波士顿.

你是 Jason 吗? nǐshì Jason mā Are you Jason?
我不是 Jason.我是 Yamasaki. 我是日本人。你呢? wǒbúshì Jason. wǒshì Yamasaki zhōngguórén. wǒshì rìběnrén nǐne? I’m not Jason, I’m Yamasaki. I’m Japanese, how about you?
我不是日本人,我是中国人.我喜欢日本菜。你呢? wǒbúshì rìběnrén,wǒshì zhōngguórén. wǒxǐhuan rìběncài nǐne? I’m not Japanese, I’m Chinese. I like Japanese cuisine. How about you?
我喜欢中国菜 wǒxǐhuan zhōngguó cài I like Chinese cuisine.
我喜欢纽约。你呢? wǒxǐhuan niǔyuē. nǐne I like New York. How about you?
我不喜欢纽约。我喜欢波士顿. wǒbùxǐhuan niǔyuē wǒxǐhuan bōshìdùn I don’t like New York. I like Boston.

Flashcards for your review

In the comment box bellow practice making a sentence or two by answering the following:

1. Make a sentence with one or all of the grammar points in this lesson(我是…, …吗? 喜欢,你呢?不喜欢)

2. 我喜欢中国菜你呢?

Animated Stroke Order Just highlight and copy the character, paste in the small box bellow and press enter to see the stroke order. Use the whiteboard to better familiarize with Chinese characters.