Thank you for studying Chinese with us!

Your support is much appreciated in making this Chinese lesson Free!


1. Our blog posts are meant to help you learn Chinese by giving you more practice to read and listen

2. As you all know, many times listening or reading Chinese can become overwhelming.

3. We will have a Chinese translation and a voice recording that will read at both slow and normal pace.

4. We will also highlight some key vocabulary.

5. There is no particular level to the written blogs but we hope it will cater to all.


1. 我们的博客通过提供更多的阅读和听力练习来帮助你学习中文。

2. 众所周知,中文阅读听力并不容易。

3. 我们会提供阅读材料的中文翻译,同时提供录音,分别以稍慢和正常语速播放。

4. 我们会加注关键词汇。

5. 此博客不是为某一特定中文水平设计,我们希望大家都能从中受益。

Key Words:

博客 (bókè ) = blog

练习 (liànxí) = practice; exercise; drill

众所周知 (zhòngsuǒzhōuzhī) = as you all know

阅读 (yuèdú) = to read

听力 (tīnglì) = listening ability

翻译 (fānyì) = to translate

特定 (tèdìng) = specific; designated; particular

水平 (shuǐpíng) = level