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加油 literally means to add oil, and it means press on and is used for cheering and encouraging others. For example, when you watch a sports game and you are cheering for the San Antonio Spurs, you can say “马刺队,加油!” which means,”go Spurs!” , or if your friend is facing a challenging situation such as looking for employment for a long time, and you’d say something nice to encourage him not to give up but to press on, you can say” 加油,别放弃!” “ 我听说你在学中文,加油!”

加油 jiāyóu go go go
加油,别放弃! jiāyóu, bié fàngqì! come one, don’t give up!
我听说你在学中文,加油! wǒ tīngshuō nǐ zài xué zhōngwén, jiāyóu! I heard you were studying Chinese, keep at it!